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Who are we?

The members of the team of Albania Tradition are admirers of nature and of their country. During a long lasting, fair and responsible way, this agency has created a professional network in the field of tourism with the local guides, inhabitants, the representatives of the local government and even some national and international NGO-s.

Our objective:
-To contribute the best possible in the development of the local and mountainous regions and to respect nature.
-Make you discover a preserved nature, all this is made possible by choosing comfortable and welcoming accommodation.

We hope to share with you our passion of traveling and walking. You are going to learn about the Albanian spirit and customs by the direct contact with the inhabitants of different regions of our country.
The gastronomic quality and diversity that you are going to taste all along Albania will complete the framework of the exchange with this population.

The journeys of our collaborators are as diverse as our stays, but we all share the passion of each other and of elsewhere…

Why you should trust us?

Our reliable and experienced service providers.

Our staff and partners are selected according to demanding quality criteria. We offer the opportunity to be accommodated in hotels but also to discover the Albanian local life due to accommodation in the houses of the inhabitants.

Our knowledge of the terrain
Our staff consists both of locals and French, offering a special experience to our products. We offer circuits made by us but we also offer the opportunity to customize them according to your preferences. We are at your disposal in order to offer to you reliable and quality circuits according to your needs. Your limits are our limits.

Our taste for unlimited adventure
Albania tradition has a passionate staff and the country offers multiple assets. Between land and sea, our guides will lead you through the unexplored Albanian regions.

Nos prestataires fiables et expérimentés

Nos prestataires et partenaires sont sélectionnés selon des critères de qualités exigeants. Nous vous offrons l’opportunité de dormir dans des établissements étoilés mais également de découvrir la vie locale albanaise en profitant de nuitées chez l’habitant.

Notre connaissance du terrain

Notre équipe se compose autant de locaux que de Français, apportant une expertise toute particulière à nos produits. Nous vous proposons des circuits réalisés par nos soins mais concevons également des circuits sur mesure pour toutes vos demandes personnalisées. Nous restons à votre écoute et nous engageons à vous proposer des circuits fiables et de qualités qui correspondent à vos envies et vos besoins. Nos seules limites sont les vôtres.

Notre goût pour l'aventure sans concession

Albania Tradition, c’est avant tout une équipe de passionnés de l’Albanie et des multiples attraits qu’offre le pays. Entre Terre et Mer, nos guides vous mènerons à travers les contrées inexplorées de l’Albanie.