8 DAYS OF hiking IN NORTH.

Long seen as a region stuck between mountains, Northern Albania  offers today the best of what it has to offer, the mountains. The national parks of Valbonne and Theth, which are juxtaposed, make up an exceptional natural asset. On this trip you will discover mountains, rivers, valleys, traditional villages, and the customs of mountain folks.

4 to 10 participants
Regular or charter depending on departures.
Minibus, on foot, by bike, on donkey, cart and felucca.
Homestay and bivouac on feluccas.
Day 1

Airport - Tirana

Arrival at Tirana airport.

One of our agents will welcome you at the airport and escort to the hotel.

Depending on your arrival schedule, free visit of the city.

Accommodation in hotel, Tirana.

Airport - Tirana, 30min

Day 2

Shkorder - Theth

Departure to the city of Shkodra. A multifaceted city, Shkodra was the capital of Illyria during antiquity and the most important city in northern Albania. A mosque, a Catholic church and an Orthodox church live together a few paths from one to the other. The Austrian style gives way to that of Ottoman, Venetian and communist. The plain streets of charm and the numerous bikes offers the view of a lively and charming city.

Road to the alpine village of Theth. Arriving at the village you will enjoy an introduction by the spectacle offered by the mountains and traditions of this village, a welcome drink will be served. A walk is planned to get to know this beautiful region better.


1 hour and 30 minutes’ walk.

Overnight in a guest house in Theth.

Tirana - Shkodra, 2 h

Shkodra - Theth, 2h30 min.

Day 3


After breakfast, we will set out to discover this authentic village. The high peaks that surround the Shala River Valley offer a fairytale setting. The Grunas waterfall, the canyon of the same name, a pool of water that is similar to the shape of the eye is what the inhabitants call it 'the blue eye', typical houses and ancient stories to tell, these are the treasures to discover today.

Overnight in a guest house in Theth.

                                                                                                             Hiking duration: 5h

Height: 350 m+/-

Day 4

Pass of Peja - Theth

Early departure towards Peja Pass. Deep immersion in the nature of the Albanian Alps. These regions always keep old customs and traditions thanks also to the mountain nature, difficult to reach, you will realize during today's hike. The Peja Pass was once used as a route by Albanians from Kosovo to reach the Adriatic Sea.  In the afternoon we will be back in Theth.

Overnight in a guest room in Theth.

Hiking duration: 5h

Height: 1000 m+/-

Day 5

Theth – Pass of Valbona

We are going to leave Theth and head toward the village of Valbona. The valleys of the Shala River and the Valbona River will follow one another and you will enjoy the magnificent views of valleys from  Valbona Pass. Being impressed by the panorama from the Pass of Valbona is quite understandable. High peaks, water sources, vegetation and valleys will characterize this day of hiking.

Overnight in a guest house Valbona

Hiking duration: 6h 30min

Height : 900 m+/-

Day 6

White Circle - Valbona

Today we will leave in the direction called ''The White Circle''.  The inhabitants of Valbona gave this place this name by the high peaks of the mountains that form a Circle of Summits without vegetation. Today we will discover the wonderful nature that characterizes the Albanian Alps with surprising views of the multiple peaks. In the afternoon, we will be back in Valbona to spend the night.

Overnight in a guest house Valbona

Hiking duration: 5h 30min

Height : 800 m+/-

Day 7

Koman Lake - Tirana

After breakfast, we will resume our journey towards Koman Lake. The Valbona River will accompany us for a long time and we will enjoy its clear waters and its beautiful color. Then we will take a ferry that makes a 2h15 ride in an extraordinary lake. You will have be in the open air to enjoy the high mountains and the birds that populate this lake will accompany you during this journey. The crossing of Lake Koman offers a natural beauty without exception.

Then back to Tirana.

Tirana is known as the city of bright colors by its painted facades.

To introduce you with the history of Albania we will visit the National Museum. After we will have the opportunity to visit one of the of places of worship in Albania, the mosque of "Et'hem Bey" in the center of Tirana. Then we will visit the Catholic Cathedral, the Orthodox one, and the district of the former block, reserved for the time of communism, which is transformed today in the heart of the nightlife of the capital.


Accommodation in hotel, Tirana.

Valbona – Fierza, 1h

Fierez – Koman, 2h ( ferry)

Koman – Tirana, 2 h 45min

Day 8


You will be accompanied to  the airport.


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