The Peaks of the Balcans

The Alps of Europe have small cousins in the Balkans, the Albanian Alps. On this trip you will visit national parks in three countries: Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Wild landscapes, white peaks, small alpine villages of local traditions frozen in time will characterize this beautiful trip. Get ready to traverse passes and reach interesting peaks.

4 to 10 participants
Regular or charter depending on departures.
Minibus, on foot, by bike, on donkey, cart and felucca.
Homestay and bivouac on feluccas.
Day 1


Upon arrival at the airport a person from our agency will be waiting for you and will accompany you to your hotel in the city center of the capital.

Free tour of the city.

Accommodation in Tirana.

Airport - Tirana: 15km - 20 min


Day 2


During the communist era four hydroelectric dams were built, with the names "Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin". We are going to cross one of these lakes by boat. This two-hour walk that winds through the mountains is simply beautiful.

Then head to Valbona National Park.

Accommodation in a guesthouse in Valbone

Koman - Fierze: 2:30 h

Day 3


The objective of this day is to reach the White Circle (a crown of mountain peaks that gives the impression of a white circle). Typical houses, sheepfolds and amazing views will mark this day of hiking.

In the afternoon return to the village of Valbonne.

Accommodation in a guest room in Valbone.

Valbone – The sheep farm: 5 hours

Level: 750m

Day 4


Cerem is a small village that is now inhabited only during the summer by shepherds. This village is accessible only by mule or walking paths.

To reach it, we will approach the Montenegrin border and then we will descend to the valley of the "cursed" mountains.

Accommodation at the home of the resident in Cerem.

Valbone - Cerem: 8h

Level: 1000m

Day 5


Today we will leave for the village of Doberdol. The path we will follow passes through the crossroads of  3 borders: Montenegro - Albania - Kosovo and from the pass which is located at 2190m we will have a view of these three countries.

Once in Doberdol, the bravest can continue to reach the glacial lakes that are the main attraction of the village.

Accommodation at the home of the residents in Doberdol.

Cerem - Doberdol: 7h

Level: 900m

Day 6


Today we will make another beautiful hike, towards the mountain of Gashi. Our goal will be to reach the hidden lakes in the valley of this beautiful mountain.

Accommodation at the home of the resident in Doberdol.

Doberdol - Dashi Lake: 4h

Level: 500m

Day 7


Another beautiful day of hiking awaits us today, heading to Kosovo!

This day, which is considered one of the most beautiful of the stay, will mark you with breathtaking landscapes, throughout the day, up to our accommodation in Milishevce.

Once there discover fresh produce and local gastronomy.

Accommodation at the home of the resident in Milishevc.

Doberdol Milishevc: 8 h

Level: 800m

Day 8


Another beautiful day of hiking awaits us.

We will continue our hike in Montenegro, discovering the wild and pristine nature that this secluded region has been able to preserve through the centuries.

The path we will take to reach Babino Polie, takes us through the wonderful Ohrid Lake Reserve (strictly protected reserve).

Accommodation at the home of the inhabitant in Vusanje.

Milishevc - Babino Polie: 7h

Level: 800m

Day 9


Hiking day.

We will take a path through a mountain range, with a stunning view, called the "cursed" mountains. During this route we will have the opportunity to take a step back in time, passing the communist remains, such as an old border post and bunkers.

Accommodation in a guest room in Theth.

Walking time - 8:30 h

Level - 200m

Day 10


Today we will visit the village of Theth. Visit the Theth Museum and the village centre which bears witness to ancient traditions such as dukagjini's Kanun.

Theth is also known for its natural monuments: during this day we will visit the blue eye and the waterfall.

Day 11


Departure towards Tirana.

Tirana is known as the city of bright colors by its painted facades. To give you an introduction to the history of Albania we will visit the National Museum. After we will have the opportunity to visit one of the pearls of places of worship in Albania, the mosque of 'Et'hem Bey' in the center of Tirana, a Catholic cathedral, an Orthodox cathedral and the Blok district. Previously accessible exclusively to the communist elite, this resurrected district is today the heart of the nightlife where all the youth of the Albanian capital meet. Between restaurants and themed bars, let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freedom that now floats there.

Accommodation in Tirana.

Day 12


End of our services.

Flight back to your destination. 


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