Albania: Solidarity

Some of our fellow human beings believe that being selfish can be synonymous with "the strongest can and should live well". Through this journey we invite you to participate in solidarity actions and perhaps discover other values that do good to humanity, to share and support.

4 to 10 participants
Regular or charter depending on departures.
Minibus, on foot, by bike, on donkey, cart and felucca.
Homestay and bivouac on feluccas.
Day 1

Arrival at the airport –Village of Fishte 

You will be welcomed by your guide at the airport and will travel to the village of Fishte.
Depending on your arrival schedule you will make a first exploration of the village.

                                                                                         Accommodation in Fishte at the home of the locals.
                                                                                         Airport – Village of Fishte, 1h30min

Day 2

Day 2 /3 / 4   Village of Fishte

Today we will begin our first day dedicated to solidarity action in a pottery artisan workshop. 
This workshop is run by the three Kukaj brothers who provide themselves all the necessary equipment to make the pottery. Our 4-day stay in this village will be:
⦁    Recovering the raw material (clay) needed for pottery making.
⦁    The artisanal development of clay "paste"
⦁    The manufacture of different objects in pottery.
⦁    Learning different manufacturing techniques.
⦁    Learning and applying the decorating technique.

Accommodation and meals with the inhabitants. 


Day 5

Shkoder - Kruje

Departure to the city of Shkodra. A multifacet city, Shkodra was the capital of Illyria during antiquity and the most important city in northern Albania. A mosque, a Catholic church and an Orthodox church live together a few paths from one to the other. The Austrian style gives way to that of Ottoman, Venetian and communist. The plain streets and the numerous bikes offer the view of a lively and charming city.

After lunch, departure to the city of Kruja.

Former capital of the Kingdom of Albania, Kruja was a stronghold of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century until Skanderbeg, the National Hero, led the resistance that liberated it in the 15th century
and then the declaration of independence in 1912. We can also visit a museum dedicated to this Hero, as well as visit the fortress of Kruja and stroll through the traditional Old Bazaar.

                                                                                                   Accommodation in Kruja
                                                                                          Village of Fishte - Shkoder, 1h
                                                                                                Shkoder - Kruje, 1h 10min

Day 6

Durres - Berat 

We will start our day with a visit to the city of Durres, Albania's second largest city, which has not put aside its historical and cultural heritage.During Roman time Durres was called "the Tavern of Antiquity" because from this city began the via Egnatia, a caravan route that once linked the great Rome to Constantinople.

Your journey will then take you to Berat, the city of a thousand windows, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008. Its typical Ottoman architectural style, white houses and steep alleyways will certainly charm you! During your walk you can see Kalaja Castle as well as many mosques...

Day 7

National Park of Karavasta - Tirana

Another beautiful day of discovery awaits us. 
The Karavasta National Park and Lagoon and known for the richness and biodiversity of flora and fauna. 
During our walk we will have the opportunity to observe the different species of bird and their nests in this lagoon, among them there is the most famous,  The Curly Pelican.

After the lunch we will head to Tirana. 
A thrilling and colourful capital, Tirana has many assets to offer. 
Discover its cultural and historical sites such as the magnificent 19th century Et'hem Bey Mosque, which survived the atheist dictatorship of the communist years, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, the 3rd largest Orthodox Cathedral in the Balkans and the National Museum.
Finish your stay in Albania with an evening at the Bllok.
Previously accessible exclusively to the communist elite, this resurrected district is today the heart of the nightlife where all the youth of the Albanian capital meet. 
                                                                                                 Accommodation in Tirana
                                                                                   Berat –National Park of Karavasta = 1h20min 
                                                                                      National Park of Karavasta – Tirana = 1h

Day 8

The end of your journey

The end of our services. Flight back to your destination.

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