Walking along the paths of a region or country gives you the opportunity to discover and admire in an intense way the landscapes and daily life of the places you visit. In this trip you will have the occasion to discover the day-to-day life of the inhabitants of the small villages by spending nights at their homes and by exploring corners of unspoiled nature that UNESCO has classified as World Heritage of Humanity.

4 to 10 participants
Regular or charter depending on departures.
Minibus, on foot, by bike, on donkey, cart and felucca.
Homestay and bivouac on feluccas.
Day 1

Airport - Tirana

Arrival at Tirana airport.

One of our agents will welcome you at the airport and escort to the hotel.

Depending on your arrival schedule visit free of the city.

Accommodation in hotel, in Tirana.

Airport - Tirana, 30min

Day 2

Rrajce - Lin - Korca

The village of Rrajce is famous for a great battle which took place in its fields in the 15th century. The lands of Rrajce today are very fertile. We are going to make an agritourist stop in this village. Tastings of raki, wine, and jams will be on the menu. Then we will continue our journey on foot towards the village of Lin. This small village is located on the shores of the majestic Lake Ohrid. We will spend some time in this UNESCO-listed lake to find out a little more about these riches.

Then head to Korca where you will spend the night.

Accommodation in hotel, in Korca.

Tirana – Rrajce,2h

Rrajce - Lin, 4h +/- on foot (height 500m +/-)

Lin – Korca, 1h drive

Day 3

Shipska - Voskopoja

The village of Voskopoja is a characteristic village built of stone. With the help of the beautiful hike that we will make in the surroundings of Voskopoja you will learn more about the history of this village which was in the 17th century a very important city. The second printing house in the entire Ottoman Empire was in Voskopoja. Beautiful Orthodox churches with beautiful frescoes will be visiting objects during our hike. We will enjoy the pure air and beautiful pine forests of this region.

We will discover the small village of Shipska and the monastery of Saint Prodhom, 3h 30min.

Accommodation in hotel, in Voskopoja

Korca – Voskopoja, 40 min drive

Voskopoja – Shipska, 3h 30min on foot (height 300m +/-)

Day 4


The small village of Rehove is located at the foot of one of the highest mountains in southern Albania, the Gramoz Mountain, which rises to 2523 m.  We will explore part of this mountain backed by the border with Greece.

Then we will travel to the village of Rehove to exchange with the inhabitants about their daily life and how they lived during the communist era. A good glass of raki and delicious traditional dishes will make you feel the welcome and warmth of this village.

Accommodation in the houses of the inhabitants in Rehova.

Voskopoja – Rehova, 55min drive

Rehova – La Montagne Gramoz, 4h on foot (height 500m +/-)

Day 5

Germenj National Park - Farma Sotira

The Germenj National Park is located in an area of Albania is rarely frequented so its nature is almost untouched. Pine trees, beech trees, green meadows, small streams and magnificent views of beautiful nature will be to your disposal. Bird songs will accompany you on today's hike.

At the end of this day of hiking, you will walk toward the Sotira Farm. The couple who run this farm are passionate about nature and you will understand why, small wooden cottages, horses, poultry, etc. will make you company. 

Overnight in a chalet in Farma Sotira

Rehova – National Park of Germenj, 30 min drive

 National Park of Germenj – Farma Sotira, 30min drive

                                                      Germenj – Farma Sotira, 4h on foot (height 500m +/-)

Day 6

Langarica Canyon - Permits - Zhulat

Albania's mountains and rivers offer beautiful canyons. This one from Langarica is a little special. Pools of thermal spas that treat different diseases coexist with an old Ottoman bridge and a magnificent view of the high mountains of this region.

You will have the opportunity to explore the canyon by putting a little feet in the water (3 hours on foot, height 100m /-).

In the afternoon, towards the village of Zhulat where we will spend the night.

Accommodation in the houses of the inhabitants in Zhulat

Farma Sotira – Canyon de Langarica, 1h 50 min min drive

Permet- Zhulat, 1h 10min min drive

Day 7

Zhulat - Gjirokastra

The village of Zhulat is located in the region of Gjirokastra. The mountains of this village hide mysterious and ancient stories. You will have the opportunity, during the planned hike (4 hours on foot, 350m/-), to meet locals and shepherds and learn a little more about these stories. By discovering the beautiful nature surrounding the village you will realize this mysterious side of this region.

Then you will find the village and exchange with the locals and sing polyphonic songs specific to these regions.

Accommodation in hotel, in Gjirokastra

Day 8

Porto Palermo - The Old Village of Himara - Livadh Beach

The beautiful bay of Porto Palermo is a completely preserved space. On the small peninsula in the center of the bay stands the fortress of Ali Pasha. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you can visit the abandoned building to discover an octagonal room topped by a dome. Legend has it that the famous English poet Lord Byron met Ali Pasha there during his stay in 1908.

After visiting Palermo port, we will visit the old village of Himara where time seems to stop.

The stone houses and turquoise blue colors of the Ionian Sea will make the charm of our discovery.

After lunch, time to have a swim in the beach of Livadh.

Accommodation in hotel, in Livadh

Porto Palermo – Village of Himara, 30min drive

Village of  Himara – Livadh Beach, 15min drive

Day 9

Llogara Park

The beautiful park of LLogora, is located in a distinguished area in Albania, known for its beautiful pine forests. Located between Vlora Bay and the Albanian Riviera, the currents of areas offer a spectacle with the play of knots and the different forms of trees. The first part of today's hike to the place called ''Llogara Pass'' is characterized in particular by a beautiful forest. You will discover a surprising view of the Ionian Sea once you are at the pass. A picnic and moments of contemplation are reserved for you.

After we will return the way back to our hotel located in the heart of park.

(Optional) In the afternoon, there is the possibility of taking a short walk (30min) to the Pass of César. You can enjoy beautiful views of Vlora Bay.

Accommodation in hotel, in Llogora

Livadh – Llogara, 40min drive

Pass of Llogara, 4h on foot (height 350m +/-)

Pass of Cesar, 40min on foot (height 150m +/-)

Day 10

Orikum - Ardenica - Tirana

Today we will visit the archaeological site of Orikum and we will hike around 2 h.

Then head to the monastery of Ardenica, which is also the last in Albania to be used for its functions of religious recollection, since it is the only one still have monks. The quality and number of frescoes and iconostasis that cover the walls are the subject of a large number of visits each year.

Back to Tirana.

A thrilling and colourful capital, Tirana has many assets to offer.

Discover its cultural and historical sites such as the magnificent 19th century Et'hem Bey Mosque, which survived the atheist dictatorship of the communist years, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, the 3rd largest Orthodox cathedral in the Balkans, the National Museum.

Finish your day off with an evening at the Bllok.

Previously accessible exclusively to the communist elite, this resurrected district is today the heart of the nightlife where all the youth of the Albanian capital meet. Between restaurants and themed bars, let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freedom that now floats there

Accommodation in hotel, in Tirana

Llogra – Orikum, 25min drive

Orikum – Ardenica,40min drive

Ardenica – Tirana, 1h30min drive

Day 11


You will be accompanied at the airport of Tirana.

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