The Balkans were synonymous with a somewhat mysterious region.   Indeed, with this trip we invite you to discover countries such as Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. You will discover its treasures: stories, landscapes, authentic life, old traditions, folklore and many other jewels...

4 to 10 participants
Regular or charter depending on departures.
Minibus, on foot, by bike, on donkey, cart and felucca.
Homestay and bivouac on feluccas.
Day 1


As arriving at the airport, someone from our agency will meet and accompany you to your hotel in the city center of the capital.A thrilling and colorful capital, Tirana has many assets to offer you.Discover its cultural and historical places such as the magnificent Et'hem Bey mosque dating from the 19th century and having survived the atheist dictatorship of the Communist years, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, the 3rd largest Orthodox cathedral in the Balkans , the National Museum.

Contemplate the piece of the Berlin Wall that celebrates its fall, get lost in the picturesque and teeming market of Gabi and finally, finish this introduction to Albania in style with an evening at the Blok.Previously accessible exclusively to the communist elite, this resuscitated district is today the heart of the nightlife where all the youth of the Albanian capital meet.

Between themed restaurants and bars, let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freedom that now floats there.

The planned visits:

- National Museum

- Et’hem Mosque

- Orthodox Cathedral.



Overnight in 3 * Hotel in Tirana

.Airport - Tirana, 30min   

Day 2

Kruja - Shkodra

Towards the town of Kruja. Former capital of the Kingdom of Albania, Kruja was, in the 15th century, a bastion of the Ottoman Empire until Skanderbeg, the National Hero, led the resistance which liberated it in the 15th and then at the declaration of independence in 1912. We can also visit a museum dedicated to this Hero, as well as visit the fortress of Kruja

The city of Shkodra, "where the Drin goes", inhabited since Prehistory, is today the symbol of a deep harmony between the religious times, since it shelters places of worship of varied horizons (Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox). A visit to the Marubi Photo Library will allow you to discover the Balkans as they were from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The King's Mosque and the Catholic Cathedral (the largest in the Balkans) can also be part of your journey.

Planned visits:

- Skanderbeg Museum

- Ethnographic Museum

- Chateau de Rozafa

- Historical Museum


Accommodation in 3 * hotel in Shkodra

Tirana - Kruja, 1h45min

Kruja - Shkodra, 2h

Day 3


Discovery of the city of Budva. Over 2,500 years old, it has been visited by numerous civilizations which have left their mark on the customs and practices of its inhabitants, but above all in its architecture. We admire the Greek and Roman style which transpires through the churches of the city, the Venetian wall which offers a beautiful view of the red roofs of Budva. Indeed, it is one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic Sea. It is also the ideal place for swimming. Budva has several beaches.

Accommodation in 3* hotel in Budva.

Shkodra - Budva, 1h 50min

Day 4

Kotorr - Budva

Discovery of the city of Kotor, nicknamed "the city of cats". Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is located between the sea and the steep cliff. An endless succession of irregular staircases gives access to the Saint Ivan fortress, overlooking Kotor from 250 m. The walled city is crisscrossed by a maze of narrow streets and cobbled plots. Boat trips are possible in the Bay of Kotor. The historic town is full of small shops where you can find local crafts. There is even a museum dedicated to Kotor cats. Return to Budva where you spend the night.


Planned visits:

-The castle of  Saint Ivan


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Budva

Kotor –Budva 45min

Day 5

Njegusi – Centinje - Kolasin

Towards the village of Njegusi south of Montenegro.

Then you will visit the old capital of the country, Cetinje, now the cultural center of the country.Then visit the small town of Kolasin, of which all the interest is its very pleasant location near the magnificent Biogradska Gora park, a superb forest of giant hundred-year-old trees between lake and mountains.

Planned visits :

-Mausole Orlov Krs

Accommodation in 3* hotel in Kolasin

Budva –Njegusi, 55min

Day 6


Today we will head towards Pec.

Although the country is predominantly Muslim, it is the Serbian monuments that are the most striking and call for visits. Therefore, we come to Pec, the religious center of the Orthodox Church in Serbia, which has some 100,000 souls. We will visit the complex of churches and mausoleums of the Serbian archbishops and patriarchs of Pecka Patrijarsija, which has been on the list of "World Heritage in Danger" since 2006.

Planned visits:

-Monastery patriarchal of Pec


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Pec

Kolasin –Pec, 2h 50min

Day 7

Decan - Prizren

Today, your journey continues with Decan's visit in Kosovo.

Then the visit of the town of Prizren in Kosovo, which is a major historic town in the history of Albania.  There was held "the Prizren league" in 1878, where nearly 300 representatives of the various Albanian territories met, rebelling from oppression Ottoman which had already lasted for more than four centuries. The city is home to an architectural heritage of exceptional richness and diversity.You can go to the castle (kalaja) overlooking the city (+/- 30 min walk).

The planned visits:

- League museum

- Sinan Pasha Mosque

- Church of Our Lady of Ljevisa


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Prizren.

Pec –Decan, 20min

Decan –Prizren, 1h 20min

Day 8

Matka - Skopje

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the artificial lake of Matka, located on the Treska river and surrounded by impressive cliffs. Discovery of the flora and fauna around the lake. Then we will go on with the visit of Skopje by a stroll in the old bazaar, where all kinds of businesses have been operating for over 1000 years. It is the largest bazaar in the Balkans after that of Istanbul.


 Planned visits:

- Holocaust memorial


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Skopje

Prizren –Matka, 2h 10 min

Matka –Skopje, 30min

Day 9

Tetovo - Ohrid

Then visit Tetovo, its old town and its 15th century painted mosque. The monument owes its name to the countless painted panels that cover the facades. Over 30,000 eggs were needed to make the painting for this one-of-a-kind religious building. There were several mosques of this type formerly in the region, which  Tetovo is the last that remains.

Departure towards the city of Ohrid in Macedonia. Known for its rich and ancient history, the town and the lake which bear the name of the town are listed as World Heritage Sites. A landmark stop-over to visit Ohrid is the Saint Sophia Cathedral, especially renowned for its priceless medieval frescoes, protected for several centuries by a coating affixed by the Ottomans and rediscovered almost intact in the 20th century Its acoustics are also exceptional and, since their restoration , it regularly hosts concerts. The church found its archbishopric in 1967, removed two hundred years earlier.


Planned visits:

-Cathedral of Saint Sophie


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Ohrid

Skopje –Tetovo, 45min

Tetovo –Ohrid, 2h

Day 10

Saint Naum - Korca

Discovery of the monastery of Saint Naum, which is in Macedonia. The UNESCO-listed Saint Naum Monastery. It offers beautiful frescoes and a beautiful view of the lake. You will continue your way towards the town of Korca. Also called ‘’ the small Paris ’’, this city is well known for its attachment to French culture. The Lycée Français, the city hospital and other buildings constructed by French troops during the First World War bear witness to this.


Planned visits:

-The monastery of Saint Naum.

-The archeological museum


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Korca

Ohrid –Sveti Naum, 45 min

Sveti Naum –Korca, 1h

Day 11

Perrenjas - Tirana

Tasting of local products in Perrenjas.

Then return to the capital where you will be back at the hotel of your arrival. For this last day you will be free to soak up the atmosphere of Tirana as you wish and as you wish… We recommend that you go for a drink at the Sky Tower bar which offers a 360 ° panorama in the heart of the city !


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Tirana

Korca –Perrenjas

Perrenjas –Korca, 1h 30min

Day 12

 The end of your journey

Back to the airport to catch the flight back to your destination.


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