The ancient and varied history of Albania has been able to offer to the World Heritage of Humanity some of these treasures. Through this trip we invite you to discover and learn about the history of archaeological sites, characteristic towns, polyphonic songs and others that are classified by UNESCO. 

4 to 10 participants
Regular or charter depending on departures.
Minibus, on foot, by bike, on donkey, cart and felucca.
Homestay and bivouac on feluccas.
Day 1


When you arrive at the airport, someone from our agency will meet and accompany you to your hotel in the city center of the capital. A thrilling and colorful capital. Tirana has many assets to offer to you. Discover its cultural and historical places such as the magnificent Et'hem Bey mosque dating from the 19th century and having survived the atheist dictatorship of the Communist years, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, the 3rd largest Orthodox cathedral in the Balkans , the National Museum. Contemplate the piece of the Berlin Wall that celebrates its fall, get lost in the picturesque and teeming market of Gabi and finally, finish this introduction to Albania in style with an evening at the Blok.

Previously accessible exclusively to the communist elite, this resuscitated district is today the heart of the nightlife where all the youth of the Albanian capital meet.

Between themed restaurants and bars, let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freedom that now floats there.

Planned visits:

-National Museum.

-The mosque of  Et’hem

-The orthodox Cathedral


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Tirana

Airport –Tirana, 30 min

Day 2


The city of a thousand windows Berat, listed as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008, its architectural style typical of the Ottoman period, its white houses and steep paths will certainly charm you! During our walk we will be able to see the Kalaja castle as well as many mosques…

Planned visits:

-The castle

-Onufri museum

-The ethnographic museum.


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Berat

Tirana –Berat, 1h 45min

Day 3


Listed at UNESCO since 2005, Gjirokastra has managed to preserve its picturesque architecture, typical of old Albanian mansions. You will immerse yourself in authentic Albania as you wander and we will also be able to visit its citadel and the Ethnographic Museum which will reveal a little more about the complex and turbulent history of Albania.


Planned visits:

- Château

- Skendulaj House

- Ethnographic Museum


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Gjirokastra.

Berat - Gjirokastra, 2h

Day 4

Butrint -  Saranda

If you like, on your way, you may make a stop at the famous archaeological site of Butrint, classified by UNESCO since 1992. This ancient city will take you on a journey to the 5th century BC. Then at the end of the day, return to city life by joining the city of Saranda.

 Planned visits:

- Butrint archaeological site

Accommodation in 3 * hotel in Saranda.

Gjirokastra - Butrint, 50min

Butrint - Saranda, 45min

Day 5

Porto Palermo -  Vlora

Visit of Ali Pasha Castle at Porto Palermo Bay. Overlooking the meeting between the Ionian and Adriatic seas, the second largest port in Albania after Durrës… Vlora is also the place where Albanian Independence was declared in 1912 and where the first National Government led by Ismail Qemali was installed. You can learn more about this part of Albanian history by visiting the Independence Museum. After a visit to the city, we left for a scuba diving session to discover the Albanian seabed!

Planned visits:

- Ali Pasha's Castle

- Museum of Independence

Accommodation  in 3 * hotel in Vlora

Saranda - Porto palermo, 2h

Porto Palermo - Vlora, 1h 15min

Day 6

Apollonia -  Ardenica - Kruja

Today, continue to the ancient ruins of Apollonia, its Byzantine monastery and, if desired, the archeology museum.Founded in 588 BC by the Greeks of Corinth, the city quickly increased to 50,000 inhabitants in the second century BC. Apollonia later became a free Roman city after taking sides with Julius Caesar during the war against Pompey. It developed into a cultural center until the 3rd century AD when an earthquake rerouted a river and led to the city's decline.

Our trip will then take us to the monastery of Ardenica, which is also the last in Albania to be used for its functions of religious meditation, since it is the only one to still house monks. The quality and number of frescoes and iconostasis that cover the walls are the subject of a large number of visits each year.

Then towards the town of Kruja. Former capital of the Kingdom of Albania, Kruja was, in the 15th century, a bastion of the Ottoman Empire until Skanderbeg, the National Hero, led the resistance which liberated it in the 15th and then at the declaration of independence in 1912. We can also visit a museum dedicated to this Hero, as well as visit the fortress of Kruja.


Planned visits:

-The archeological site of Apollonia

-The Monastery of Ardenica

- The museum of Skenderbeg

- The ethnographic museum.


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Kruja

Vlora – Apolonia, 50min

Apollonia – Ardenca,45min

Ardenica – Kruja, 2h

Day 7

Retour a Tirana

Return to the capital where you will find the hotel of your arrival. For this last day you will be free to soak up the atmosphere of Tirana as you wish and as you wish… We recommend that you go for a drink at the Sky Tower bar which offers a 360 ° panorama in the heart of the city!


Accommodation in 3* hotel in Tirana.

Kruja – Tirana, 1h 30min

Day 8

The end of your journey

Head to the airport to take your flight back.

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